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Professional mattress cleaning in Muncie

When it comes to your well-being, your mattress plays a significant role. A good night’s sleep can drastically alter the way you experience life! However, many of us don’t even consider that our mattresses are collecting dust and allergens throughout each day. This is where White River Chem-Dry professionals come in – trained specifically for fabric cleaning as well as fine details of any type of mattress. We use specialized tools & equipment carefully crafted to clean all parts without causing damage or stress on your bed.

Don’t let dust and stains become permanent fixtures on your mattress! With Chem-Dry’s cleaning process, you can restore your mattress to its original luster – revitalizing its look, feel, and smell.

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How Our Mattress Cleaning Service Works

  1. We inspect your mattress for areas requiring special attention
  2. Using our carbonated cleaning process, we get your mattress thoroughly clean and smelling better than new!
  3. If you so choose, we apply our fabric protectant or deodorizer
  4. We carefully inspect the work we’ve done and back it up with the Chem-Dry satisfaction guarantee

Top-Rated Cleaning Service

Get rid of all your bothersome stains on carpets, furniture, upholstery & mattresses today with White River Chem-Dry. Plus, we provide free phone estimates – absolutely no charge!

We are proud to provide cost-effective cleaning services that will not only keep your mattress fabric safe from harm but also guarantee safety for children and pets in the household! Our fabric protector is a top-notch solution as it forms an efficient water and oil-repellant shield on the surface of your mattress material.

Let White River Chem-Dry make your mattresses look, feel and smell their absolute best! We know the right way to clean them so you can enjoy a drastically improved sleeping experience. Not only will they be drier but also cleaner and healthier than ever before – it’s time to call us now!

removes allergens, improves air quality

A Deeper Cleaning for a Healthier Home

We understand the importance of providing you with a sanitary sleeping experience, and that’s why we decided to take advantage of carbonation rather than steam-cleaning. This method lifts any dirt or dust particles within your mattress fabric, allowing us to remove them quickly through our powerful cleaning system. You can rest assured knowing that all solutions used are non-toxic and promote long lasting cleanliness!

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