Rug Bleeding And How To Avoid It

Mar 9, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

chem-dry technician inspecting area rug

Oriental rugs are charming, one-of-a-kind items that add personality and beauty to any home. Though their detailed designs and bold colors can be breathtaking, these rugs require extra attention to ensure they remain in great condition. Cleaning incorrectly could result in discoloration that not only affects its beauty but also the rug’s value. To maintain your oriental rug’s vibrancy, it must be properly cleaned from start to finish! With proper cleaning techniques, you will undoubtedly have a pristine piece of art that truly dazzles – something for everyone to admire!

Why Rug Bleeding Occurs

Several variables can lead to color bleeding during oriental rug cleaning, such as:

  • Natural dyes that are not colorfast. Handcrafted Oriental rugs are usually woven with natural fibers and hued pigments, featuring a myriad of water-soluble dyes that may not be fade-resistant. Unfortunately, these colors can bleed when exposed to the wrong cleaning procedure; flooding being one of them! To ensure your rug’s vibrancy, it’s best to keep away from such techniques.
  • Damaging cleaning methods. With oriental rugs, it is imperative to abstain from both dry and steam cleaning as the deposits left behind may lead to color fading and irreversible destruction of your rug.
  • Application of excessive dye. Unless used carefully, the excessive use of dyes to color rugs may cause harm; if too much coloring agent is applied without proper protection or stabilization, it can easily wash away during subsequent cleaning procedures and discolor adjacent portions.
  • Exposure to alkaline substances or high heat during cleaning. Rug dyes might appear to be stabilized and resistant to color transfer, but exposure to intense heat or alkaline substances found in cleaning products can compromise this stability. Furthermore, consistent contact with such elements could lead to the rug’s colors fading over time.
  • Pet accidents. If pet urine is not dealt with quickly and correctly, its highly corrosive nature can cause the dye to bleed into carpets or furniture during the cleaning process.

Maintain the radiance of your oriental rug with our specialized cleaning services! Our team of professional rug cleaners is dedicated to preserving the quality of your valuable possession from discoloration and fading. Utilize their knowledge and follow these few top tips for safeguarding your priceless item:

  • Keep your rug out of direct sunlight. To keep your rug full of life and color, protect it from direct sunlight. The UV rays produced by the sun can ruin its dye molecules over time, leading to fading. If you need to dry your rug, choose a different method!
  • Clean up accidents right away. To completely and safely remove any blemishes or stains, start by soaking up as much of the liquid as possible with white absorbent materials. Then enlist a trained oriental rug cleaner to carefully take care of what is left. Refrain from using store-bought stain removers; they can result in irreversible damage such as color fading and fiber deterioration even on your most delicate carpets!
  • Schedule regular rug cleaning appointments. Keep your rug looking pristine and its colors vibrant for years to come with an annual appointment from our experienced professionals. Our team will carefully analyze the fabric of your rug to provide you with a specialized cleaning solution that safeguards it while maintaining its original color. Schedule a yearly appointment now and you’ll be able to enjoy your rug for years to come!

If you’d like to ensure your rug is properly and respectfully handled, contact White River Chem-Dry at 765-217-4337 today! Our team of expert carpet cleaners in Anderson and Muncie are devoted to keeping your rugs looking their best.

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